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ANC Registration Recognition

ANC Registration Recognition

Congratulations and Welcome on board!

We are excited to partner with you on this incredible journey to motherhood. Our obstetrician led team of midwives will be there with you every step of the way throughout this 9 months course.

ANC Clinic Days

Your ANC clinic days are Tuesday and Friday 9am till 2pm while scan days are on Tuesdays 10 am, Wednesdays 1 Pm and Fridays 10am. Please note that all scans end by 3pm.
Kindly book your next appointment given by your doctor with medical records.
If you are unable to keep your appointment kindly call the hospital on 07083824075 to cancel and reschedule.

These are what to expect throughout your ANC time with us:

12th week : Booking investigations : Dating scan : Fetal monitoring : ANC medications

16th week : : Review of investigations : Fetal monitoring

20th week : Fetal monitoring; ? OGTT; ANC medications, Anomaly scan ( to check for fetal abnormalities)

28th week : Routine Malaria prophylaxis : Fetal monitoring; ANC medications; OGTT (where indicated).

32 weeks : Fetal monitoring: ANC medications

36 weeks : Delivery plan scan : Routine Malaria prophylaxis: Fetal monitoring : ANC medications. Patient counselling on birth preparedness and handling of complications, Repeat PCV check

37/38 weeks : Elective Caesearian section where indicated.

39 weeks : Sweeping of membranes, Fetal monitoring

40 weeks : Induction of labor.

Interactive ANC classes hold every Tuesday and Friday at 8am. To see the list of ANC topics visit our library here
Please sign up for our midwife-led WhatsApp chats group (Avon will like to hear and share experiences with other mothers). To sign up, please send a message to any of the following group admin 08166039911, 08035656172, 08027528146, and 08025019728
For the list of required items to bring to the hospital when the baby is due, please see below.



Dressing Gown
Maternity Large Brassier 1
Large Towel 1
Sanitary Pad (Ladysep) 4
Pair of Flat Slippers 1
Toilet Soaps 1
Tin of Glucose 1
Tooth Brush 1
Tube of Tooth Paste 1
Body Cream 1
Clean Wrappers 3
Disposable or Sanitary 1
Sponge 1
Nigthingale Spreadable 2
Savlon (Small Bottle) 1
Baby’s Clothes and Vest (Cotton) 4
Flannel Gown 1
Baby Shawl to Carry Baby 2
Flannel Material to Carry Baby 2
Big Towel 1
Bottle Olive Oil / Coconut Oil 1
Baby soap, Oil, Sponge and Comb 1
Antiseptic Baby Cream 1
Unbreakable Flask 1
Diaper 1
Methylated Spirit (Small Bottle) 1
Cotton Wool 1

In case of emergencies, please call 08166039911, 08035656172, 08027528146, and 08025019728 and ask to speak to a midwife.
We are so excited to see your little one in 9 months time!

Thank you